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Seasonal Opening/Closing


Our staff specializes in pool opening and closing each season. We will guarantee clear sparkling water at the beginning of the season. Our winterization process assures withstanding the cold, harsh NH winters.

Services Include:

  • Winter Chemicals

  • Dismantling of PVC Fittings

  • Blowing out of lines

  • Anti-freeze lines

  • Vacuum seal lines

  • Proper cover fitting

  • Water-bag cover

  • Acid wash/Clean Filter Media

  • Pressure washing pool & deck

  • Acid washing pool & deck (as needed)

  • Spring leaf & sediment removal

Hot tubs

Only use your vacation home spa seasonally? We can provide weekly maintenance to your spa or close it if it will not be in use for an extended period of time. We can properly summerize/winterize​ your hot-tub to ensure it will be ready to go when you are ready to enjoy your hot tub again.

Services Include:

  • Blowing out of lines

  • Wet-dry vacuum all jets, lines, and inside of the hot tub

  • Complete cleaning of hot tub surfaces

  • Cartridge filter acid washing/cleaning

  • Chemical balancing of water

Closing Services also include a BioClean- a purge of exfoliated skin, bacteria, and other buildup not removed by regular servicing. 

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