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Pool Care

Our knowledgeable staff will maintain and monitor your pool on a daily basis, under the guidance of state regulations. We will provide the highest quality pool care services at affordable rates. We have multiple CPO's on staff to ensure proper care and can assist in preventative maintenance and handling any problems as they arise.


  • Chemical balancing of the water

  • Water level monitoring

  • Vacuum

  • Leaf Netting

  • Lint Trap Cleaning

  • Backwashing/Filter Upkeep

  • Acid Washing of Fitler Media

  • Safety/Upkeep Inspections

  • Brush Cleaning

Service Schedules:

  • Daily Pool Care- recommended for medium to heavy usage, or any site that does not have a maintenance team.

  • Weekly Pool Care- We can assist your staff in taking care of your pool by providing weekly care and inspections

  • Residential Pool Services- We offer flexible schedules for backyard pools

Seasonal Care:

We Specialize in winterizing outdoor pools & spas for the harsh New Hampshire Winters. Let our team winterize your pool in the fall and prepare it for use in the spring.

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